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Entrance to the building is now clearly marked as a no parking area to allow unblocked access to the building.

Malahat Legion Uses Covid Downtime for Fresh Look

Malahat Legion uses Covid Downtime For Fresh Look

A  2019 general meeting vote approved money to replace parking lines which had deteriorated until they were almost invisible.  We had difficulties getting this started.  Firstly a new President was voted in,  the old one retiring after a successful four year term.  Just as she was getting organized,  the Covid pandemic started and focus turned to scrambling to help our members through free non-medical mask donations and finding ways to raise money while closed.  We think with the job finally done, Wednesday, April 14th, 2020 during lockdown, the wait was worth it.

New Bar Too

Our treasurer, Virginia Bauder, was able to secure a large grant that will cover most of the cost.  It does not cover all the work which means we will have to pay for some work we were not able to get into the grant.  More details will follow.

2021 Bar Renovations
Key Changes: * Draught beer dispensed from the cooler side. * Glass washer and sinks moved to pool table side to allow 5 stools at the bar. * More efficient draught beer design without the long lines now.

New Flooring Going In As Well!

Shortly into the new year we discovered wear and tear had cracked some water pipes in several rooms. When we checked,, carpets and tile floors in bathrooms were flooded.  In a way that’s good news – after paying our $5,000 insurance deductable, our insurance will pay for new flooring for all areas covered by carpet.  For uniformity we’re opting to pay for the small areas not now carpeted as well.


Floor choices
We had a few choices - a high quality rug or parquet floor replacement. We're kinda favouring the darker parquet floor.

When Will It be Done

New Bar Timing

We hope to be able to get a lot of work done while closed.  Right now it’s anyones guess how long we will stay locked down and not able to open.  While it would be nice if this could be done during lockdown, we might have to go back to beer and coolers served from an ice bucket for a few days.  We do want to stay open if we can.

What About the New Floor?

We suspect we won’t be able to start work until June.  While this is normally our slow months, we are hoping to remain open Fridays and Saturdays.  Keeping open will be challenging.

Stay tuned for further updates as we get a better handle of when this will be done.

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