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Pool table side of the bar. If you look closely you can see the transparent plastic protector hanging.

2021 Bar Renovations

2021 Bar Renovations – Part 1

Our bar Reno grant is being funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program. Thanks to our Treasurer, Virginia Bauder, who assembled the quotes our Bar Manager solicited and filed for this grant.  Grant money will cover up to 90% of the new equipment and construction.

All New Design:

The project started with a new bar design, a schematic is shown on the right along with a brief description of the changes.  Note the efficiency changes with draught beer being served from the cooler side eliminating the long lines feeding the taps. 

Two Stage Outline

We will show the construction in two parts

In Part 1. we show what the old bar looks like, as at the end of February before deconstruction.  We also show several pictures of the  deconstruction process.

In Part 2, we will show the new bar being constructed and the finished bar.

2021 Bar Renovations

Key Changes:

  1. Draught beer dispensed from the cooler side, eliminating the long feed lines to the tap.
  2. Glass washer replaced with a smaller one and moved to the pool side, eliminating the projection into the aisle.
  3. Sink also moved to the pools side.
  4. New design allows bar stools on the left side.

Before Deconstruction

Slide show at right shows the Legion bar up until the end of February 2021.  Until Covid-19 arrived in March 2020, patrons were served from the front aisle corridor between the main hall and the pool table side.

When Covid-19 arrived, we began lining up on the pool table side of the bar to support recommended 2 meter (6 feet) distancing between patrons.

If you look closely you can see the clear transparent plastic installed between the bar person and patrons.


As we were closed in March due to the “circuit breaker” initiative to cut Covid-19 transmission, Vince Hammer and Skip Whitfield began deconstructing the bar.  The slide show at the right shows the deconstruction stages.  Thanks also to Jim Neill who helped move the old under counter fridge to the metal recycling bin.  You can see how corroded the frame was in the last photo.

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