Here is a list of past presidents going back to 1934.  It’s interesting to notice our outgoing president, Wilf Nash, is retiring after four years.  If you look down the list, you will see several that are still very active.

Malahat Legion Past Presidents going back to 1934

Past Presidents back to 1934

2022Isabelle Hammer2000Walter H. Hall1978Robert Dau1956Andy J. Simard
2021Isabelle Hammer1999Norm Newbold1977Gordon A. Perry1955Vic Zellinsky
2020Isabelle Hammer1998Norm Newbold1976Gordon A. Perry1954Andy Kennedy
2019Wilf Nash1997C.L. Buzz Frazer1975Ernest Spencer1953Andy Kennedy
2018Wilf Nash1996Roy White1974Ernest Spencer1952Andy Kennedy
2017Wilf Nash1995Roy White1973Ernest Spencer1951Andy Kennedy
2016Wilf Nash1994Carol Meek1972W. Pat Mason1950Andy Kennedy
2015Mike King1993Thomas Storer1971W. Pat Mason1949I.J. Smith
2014Jim Gomm1992Loyd Whitley1970W. Pat Mason1948Glen W. Stillwell
2013Bob Brown1991Lloyd Whitley1969Sam Cronk1947H.G. Webber
2012Bob Brown1990Lloyd Whitley1968Andy J. Simard1946W.H. Wilkinson
2011Don Woolford1989Kenneth G. Keir1967Sam Cronk1945H.G. Grainger
2010Don Woolford1988Kenneth G. Keir1966Sam Cronk1944H.G. Webber
2009Don Woolford1987Kenneth G. Keir1965Rev Lea Gillard1943J.A. Wahn
2008Diane Arden1986Joan Kary1964Rev Lea Gillard1942H.G. Webber
2007Diane Arden1985Gordon A. Perry1963W. Pat Mason1941F.L. Oldham
2006Keith Watson1984Gordon A. Perry1962W. Pat Mason1940F.L. Oldham
2005Barry Vollett1983Gordon A. Perry1961Andy J. Simard1939G.C. Orr
2004Barry Vollett1982David Lalonde1960Andy J. Simard1938Vic Zellinsky
2003Dwight Grieve1981Norman Ward1959Andy J. Simard1937J.C. Rathbone
2002Dwight Grieve1980Norman Ward1958Andy J. Simard1936A.J.W. Dougan
2001Dwight Grieve1979Norman Ward1957Andy J. Simard1935John Brown Bell
1934John Brown Bell