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Join us for our Meat Draw on our Grand Reopening July 31st

Grand Reopening July 31st

Join us for our Grand Reopening July 31st

 It’s been awhile since we were able to hold meat draw due to Covid 19. Our grand reopening is July 31st starting at 1 PM. 

  • Bar open 1 PM to 7 PM
  • Kitchen open 1 PM to 6 PM
  • Meat draw again from 3 pm to 5 pm
  • Happy Hour starts at 3 pm
  • Fun 8-ball and darts are allowed as well, but there are restrictions.  See Come In We Are Open for details.
Grande Reopening July 31st
Join us for our Meat Draw on our Grand Reopening July 31st

All New Flooring Throughout

While closed we chose to make substantial renovations. Due to a flood last January, insurance is allowing us to completely replace our floors.  Worn carpets and scuffed linoleum is replaced with a durable parkette.  See the adjacent slide show for photos made during the replacement.  It was a big job with all the tables being stacked to one side to allow the installer to room to work.  One picture shows a reflective self-leveling compound is painted on the floor before the parkette is laid down.

8-Ball Tables Relocated

We were afraid the 8-ball tables would have to be taken apart to lay the new floor.  Instead you can see the tables were lifted onto “roller skates” to allow them to be moved as necessary.

We are considering moving them back to the orginal location but with a lot more spacing between tables.  The lotto machine is also relocated.  The original location used to be a major inconvenience to players making a close-to-bumper shot.

As you can see we haven’t moved them back.  So you will have to come on the 31st to see how we made out.

Rather than taking the 8-ball tables apart, they were lifted onto "roller skates" so they could be moved out of the way.

Bar Completely Restyled

As set out in 2021 Bar Renovations we were awarded a substantial Horizon’s Senior’s grant which we chose to use to renovate the old bar back and serving area both.  We want to keep you in suspense so you will come in to see it.  However the adjacent picture shows the new serving bar being worked on by Justin Robertson, Malahat Contracting, sanding the concrete bar after it hardened.

Yes, it’s real concrete poured into a tailor-made form.  After hardening, the bar is sanded, sealed and polished ready for customers.  Justin actually showed us how strong it is by standing on it.  

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