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Community Gives Legion Overwhelming Support

Community Gives Legion Overwhelming Support

Malahat Legion President, Isabelle Hammer,  waves to volunteers who helped load 27 canvas bins of recycled bottes and cans donated by the community.  Donated recycling material was in response to a bottle drive at the legion Saturday January 9th, 2021.  The community also dropped of pet food in support of Broken Promises Pet Rescue .  

Legion is Grateful for Help

Community Gives Legion Overwhelming Support
Legion President. Isabelle Hammer, waves to the crew after loading 27 canvas bins full of donated recycled bottles and cans

Legions across Canada are struggling to meet unavoidable bills during the pandemic.  Several have closed permanently.

Revenue from bar and kitchen sales help meet our essential bills such as Hydro, insurance, property taxes and utilities.  Money generated from meat draws and 50:50 draws are closely monitored by Lotto BC and must be given back to approved societies.  They cannot be used by the legion.

Normally open 5 days a week, the Malahat legion in 2020 and so far this year has been closed more often than open.  Recycled bottles and cans donate by Shawnigan Lake and Mill Bay community have helped immensely to keep the legion from folding.

Masked Volunteers Help Unload Vehicles to Promote Contactless Drive

During the Provincial lockdown volunteers wear non-medical masks to unload vehicles to keep a contactless bottle drive.  Duncan’s 897 Juice FM was there monitoring the drive too.
Volunteers help unload cars dropping off bottles to help keep a contactless drive.
Legion volunteers wave hi in front of 897Juice FM car. Left to right: Lisa Richardson, Wanda Wetteland, Virginia Bauder, and Skip and Fran Whitfield

Well Organized Bottle Drive Makes Life Easy

Volunteers load donated recycling material into canvas bags stored on wood pallets located in the legion’s back yard.  In total 27 canvas bags were filled during the week – the majority on Saturday,  January 9th.


Our bottle depot truck driver arrived the next day to load them into their truck to delivered to the sorting facility.  Having the canvas bins stored two high on wood pallet allows the driver to use a motorized dolly to move them two at a time where they are lifted into the truck bed using a powered lift tailgate and stored securely.


27 Recycled Bottles and Cans donated by a helpful community are stored in canvas bins on wooden pallets ready to be picked up by our recycling company.
Our bottle depot truck driver stores the lift used to load pallets preparing to deliver them to the sorting facility

Broken Promises Pet Rescue Supported Too

Many dropped off pet food and other supplies to be delivered to Broken Promises Pet Rescue.  Member Lisa Richardson show just a few of the food and other supplies dropped off on Saturday.  Lisa is quite active in Broken Promises Pet Rescue.  She also  monitors several Face Book groups and volunteers to pick up recycling bottles from people who can’t get to the legion.


Member Lisa Richardson, a Broken Promises Rescue volunteer, shows just a few of the pet food supplies donated by our community.

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