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Bin Rats arrive in quads with sled attached and leave through the back woods.

Bin Rats Go Hi Tech

Bin Rats Go Hi Tech

On a cold 2 AM, Bin Rats go Hi Tech to thoroghly dive through the Malahat Legion metal recycling bins.  They come prepared with a trailer and bright halogen flashlights.

They spend almost 20 minutes examining everything in both metal bins.  Not sure there was much there as the metal bin owner, Mike, emptied it the day before.

Rats leave by the back yard trail.  We’re not sure how they got out that way though.  Heartland has the trails blocked off.

Have a look at our Bin Rats in action.

Bin Rats go Hi Tech
Bin Rats arrive in quads with sled attached and leave through the back woods.

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  1. Anonymous

    They get through by getting on to the old Bamberton haul rd. and come back up to Peerless Rd./ off Devries rd. then Probably onto the Shawnigan /Cobble Hill Rd, and it’s only a short distance to the RR tracks and who known how far they go after they get onto the Tracks…..They come past our place anytime after dark, to 5 o clock in the morning ,and sometimes more than one trip…I also have heard rifle shots many times after they have passed going towards the Legion in the last few months (pouching my guess). Before they cleared all the trees and made it storage yard, we used to go through the back of the legion to get to the haul rd. There all kinds of old logging rds. back there to get through to the haul rd. When Hayes Logging logged at the back of the Legion the trucks used it and came out on Peerless rd. The CVRD dug a deep ditch to stop the 4 wheel drive trucks from going though a dumping garbage out there in the bush but the ATV’s squeeze past a tree and my fence with not much problem! And they seem to have more cheek than an elephants ASS…

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