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Honoring Life Member Lou Thornton

Honoring Life Member Lou Thornton

It is with sadness we are honouring Life Member Lou Thornton who passed away Monday, March 1st at 4 am. Lou was 96, a WWII veteran.  He was a member as Sgt. Major serving with the Canadian Infantry Corps from August 1943 to August 1946.
Comrade Reverend Louis Calvin Thornton first joined the Royal Canadian Legion in the year 1960 to 1963 in Pine Falls, Manitoba. Later he re-joined the Malahat Branch #134 in 1986 and has been a loyal member for 36 years
Honoring Life Member Lou Thornton

Paul Harris Fellowship Award

Sometime prior to 2020, he received the Paul Harris Fellowship Award from the South Cowichan Rotary Club in recognition of his work with .the CMS food bank. Lou was the  spokesman for the Cobble Hill, Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake Food Bank (CMS) Food bank for over 23 years.

Life Membership 2011

Since Lou joined the Malahat Branch he has served as Chaplain, served as Poppy Committee Chairman and served several years on the Executive Committee.  He was awarded a Life Membership in 2011 in recognition of his work with the CMS and on the Malahat Legion Executive.

As Chaplin he presided at the Cobble Hill Remembrance Day Memorial Service from, 1979 until 1993. He also continued to represent the Royal Canadian Legion at Brentwood College, Shawnigan Lake School and the public Cobble Hill Junior High and High School in the area at their Remembrance Day Services.

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  1. Doug Thornton

    Thank you for honouring my Dad, and for being one of his favourite places to go

    1. Site Admin

      I transferred in only a few years ago, but did sit with Lou a couple of time at the Saturday meat draws in 2019. Some of the more long-term members remember him fondly. One told me there was a regular party of chaplins who “owned” the table near the stage. They were special guests to the bartender who delivered their beer. Nobody else got treatment like that! In writing up the honorarium for Lou, he was clearly someone I wish I had got to know better.
      Jeff Lydiatt
      Malahat Legion 1st Vice President

  2. Dwight

    Had the utmost respect for Lou.

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