Bio of new 2020 Legion President

We welcome Isabelle Hammer as our new President. She comes with a wealth of experience. She served in the RCMP for 25 years. Her duties included Road Supervisor in Surrey, Coquitlam, and White Rock. She served in several cities in
Alberta and Cranbrook.  She also  was a Watch Commander in Red Deer Alberta.

Isabelle has always been involved in the community. She was President of Sun Rise Red Deer Rotary Club. Also in sports as a minor hockey and lacross managers and as an Assistant in Ottawa Diplomatic Association Ball Committee. In Cranbrook, Vince and Isabelle ran a hobby farm with multiple rescue cats, with laying hens, meat birds and cows.

2020 Legion President

Message from our Legion President

Let me start off by thanking all the members and friends who have supported our Legion this past year

Thank you to our Past Officers and the 2020 Officers who have stepped up to fill the positions that it takes to run our Legion. Without you we would not function. Many of you have been here for a long time and continue to serve our Legion, and to the newly arrived officers that have stepped up, THANK YOU

We will continue to work hard to keep our doors open and most of all to help our Veterans and Members of the Community. Our Legion does not function without the help of the many volunteers that worked hard to keep our kitchen open and run the events that we have. Your support is greatly appreciated. We ask that the membership and guest continue to support our Legion and come to any of our special events, Saturday Meat Draws, our Friday Dinners and our monthly General Meetings.

This coming year we will continue to monitor all programs, procedures and practices to ensure we, as a Branch, will continue to be, as our Past President Mike King would say, “Keepers of Remembrance”. We have many events planned this year and, of course, with the help and support of the many volunteers and members, these will be successful.

In closing let me say that we continue to need your suggestions and advice to continue to run the Branch successfully. Write your suggestions down and send them to any member of the Executive or put them in our suggestion box at the door.

Thank you.

Comrade Isabelle Hammer