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School Calm Room Funded

Frances Kelsey Secondary School Calm Room Funded By Malahat Legion

The picture shows Jeff Rowan receiving a $1,500 cheque to support furnishing the calm room. Isabelle Hammer, Legion president, is simultaneously handing a $500 dollar cheque to Tanya Friese, FKSS PAC President.  The money will go toward their dry grad in August.  Dorothy Littau is watching on.  We are always looking for worthwhile projects like this to support.

School Calm Room Funded

Left to right: Jeff Rowan, Principal; Isabelle Hammer, Legion President; Tanya Friese, FKSS PAC President and Dorothy Littau., Calm Room Designer.

Cheques in Both Hands 

Last Monday, June 8th the Legion presented a cheque to Jeff Rowan, Principle of Frances Kelsey Secondary School (FKSS) for their “Calm Room.”  In the other hand, Isabelle handed a $500 cheque to FKSS PAC president Tanya Friese toward a dry grad.

What is a Calm room?

  It’s a creative way of handling special needs challenging children by allowing them a quiet place to unwind.  We understand it’s the brainchild of  Dorothy Littau.   She prompted the Frances Kelsey Parent Advisory Committee, Tanya Friesen to write up a letter asking for a donation.  Thank you both.

A calm room looked like a worthwhile project for the Legion to support.  We have to also thank Judy Bobke.  As a former legion executive she knows the Legion and Gaming Commission require us to have a letter requesting funding.  We are not able to donate without it.  As we understand it, Judy passed on the tip on to Dorothy who in turn asked Tanya to send us a request.  Involved process isn’t it.  We wish there were a simpler way, but there isn’t.

Where Does the Money Come From?

It actually comes from the community.  All proceeds from Saturday 3pm to 5pm meat draws at the Legion go into a Gaming account.  Money from the 50:50 draw also.  The BC Gaming commission keeps track of this money to be sure it goes back to approved  Community projects.  We are fortunate to find such a worthwhile project like this as this money needs to be disbursed.

COVID-19 Made This Difficult For The Legion

Normally disbursements are voted on at our Sunday monthly General Meetings.  Under Social Distancing Rules, General Meetings have just not been possible.  However, during COVID-19, our headquarters is allowing the 11 elected Executive members to make these decisions.  We actually managed to vote by a new email voting procedure. None of us were surprised to see it come back all 100% yes!  That’s all we needed to cut the cheques.

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