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2020 Poppy Campaign Fired Up

2020 Poppy Campaign Fired Up 

The 2020 poppy campaign fired up today at the Malahat Legion.  Money raised from poppy campaigns is used to help families of veterans, RCMP and police in need.  Last year money raised from the poppy campaign also helped two homeless veterans.


Today at the Legion, about 20 volunteers stuffed about 6,000  poppys into 3,100 envelops. These will be mailed out to the community asking for support.  Covid-19 necessitated some changes . 5,000 envelopes  are normally done in one day.  This year this was broken into two sessions:

  • Wednesday, October 14th; and
  • Wednesday, October 21st.

You can see gallery shows the group at work today respecting social distancing and staying in bubbles..  Over half of the 5,000 being readied were prepared today.  The remainder will be done next Wednesday, October 21st.


Big thank you to Island Saving, YSAGS and our membership for the help. We also like to thank Thrifty’s Foods staff who did a box last week at the customer service desk. Thank you to the girl guides, one School, a group our our Senior members who are all working at home to help us out because of COVID.


The community will be seeing them at the end of the month in the mail. You can mail back us the envelope or if you are looking to drop in your envelope to the Legion, we are back open Friday 11 to 7 pm and Saturday from 1 to 6 pm. You will see our boxes out at the local Business at the end of the month.

This year is going to be especially difficult to raise the needed money.  It appears our poppy taggers will be limited to only one day.  Quite a few of the smaller stores have chosen not to display drop off boxes out of concern for their customers and staff.  So please be generous and return those envelopes with donations.


Thank you for supporting the poppy campaign. All Money raised for the poppy fund goes to help Veterans and Veterans families in needed. We have also helped last year two homeless Veterans

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