Innovative Way to Help Legion

Innovative Way to Help Legion

On the right, Ex Hull Tech Navy Veteran Stan Grenda hands Isabelle Hammer the first of four $2,000 cheques he generated through sale of 800 Navy and Airforce veteran pins to facebook veterans.  Isabelle, the Malahat Legion president, finds this a welcome help during the Legion’s partial shutdown due to COVID-19.

Virginia Bauder and Wanda Wetteland helped Stan and his wife, Maria, as well.  Both are Navy Veterans themselves and helped post the pin on Facebook and mailing out the envelopes.

Jeff Lydiatt, Malahat Legion administrator also helped by putting up a form on the Malahat Legion Website for veterans to enter contact information so Stan knew where to mail the pins.

Stan got a lot of good comments from veterans who appreciated the time Stan to get these designed and ordered from a Canadian Outsourcer.  Stans accomplishment is all the more impressive as he carries a white cane being over 70% blind, 

Innovative Way To Help Legion
Ex Hull Tech Stan Grenda hands Isabelle Hammer,, Malahat Legion President the first of 4 cheques for $2,000.
Virginia and Wanda
Left to Right: Virginia Bauder and Wanda Wetteland sort out random meats before the Saturday Meat Draw.

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