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Our annual chili cook off event is a fun way to raise money for the Military Police Ride for Blind Children. Plan to come in and join the competition or select a winner.

Chili Cookoff 2024 Winners

Chili Cookoff 2024 Winners

Only 3 candidates for bragging rights for the chili cookoff 2024 winners this year – maybe because it was Easter.  The competition raised $360 for the Military Police Fund for Blind ChildrenThis money was raised from contestant’s $20 entry fee and $10 each from tasters who rated the chili.

Victoria Military Police Riders Visit

We had a surprise visit from the Victoria Veteran Military Police riders.  Bobby Comeau thanked the legion for raising this money and noted the national organization raised some $46,000 last year for the Fund for Blind Children. 

Chili Cookoff 2024 Winners
Left to Right, Isabelle Hammer 3rd, Bob Clereau 2nd, and Cathy Waet 1st place. Our sponsor, NTL's Nick Lafortune is on the right

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