We Are Opening

We are opening every Saturday on a limited basis through to the end of August.  Stage three promises more latitude if it is announced for September.

Great News From BC/Yukon Legion

On July 31st, we learned our parent Legion obtained an exemption from the latest Ministry-imposed rule requiring all patrons remain seated and be serve at the table.  Pool tables and Darts also allowed as long as sanitization rules are followed. So we are opening under relaxed guidelines put out by the Ministry to promote safety while COVID-19 is still in the picture.  Please help us to help you remain safe by observing the measures set out below.

We Are Opening

The good news

    • Bar open 1 pm to 6:00 pm
    • BBQ Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with a salad 2 pm – 5 pm
    • Weather permitting, we will use the back yard to support distancing.

Here’s what’s different

    •  A greeter at the door will ask for one person in the party to leave their contact information.
    • Only entrance and exit is through the main door.
    • For bar service, line up on the LOTTO side of the bar.
    • Keep the bar front free for traffic.
    • Please observe 2 meter – 6 feet social distancing guidelines.
    • Max 6 people allowed at the same table from the same circle or where comfortable.


Yes, limited pool table and darts are allowed.  Here are the rules.

Pool Tables

    • Use only the far table near the exit.
    • Players must bring their own cues and chalk.  Ques are not to be shared.
    • If changing players, balls must be wiped between games and the outside rails wiped down with the solution provided.
    • All players before starting any play must sanitize their hands.
    • Use a cloth with solution when racking or recovering from a scratch to avoid contaminating the balls.

Dart Play

    • Please do not use the door to allow entry to the building as a count needs to be kept of patrons.
    • You may use the card room.  Room is limited to 8 players at a time.
    • Limited use of the small hall as long as the area near the bar is kept clear.
    • Only 1 player at a time can occupy the dartboard playing area.
    • All players must provide their own darts.
    • No scorekeeper is allowed.  Each player must have their own chalk and keep their own score (walk and chalk).
    • Please use the coronavirus rule and keep a 6’ distance between players unless you are wearing a mask..
    • If dart boards are surrounded by an outside ring, they should be sanitized by the players before the start of the next game.
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