INon-Medical Masks Available

The Young Seniors Action Group Society (YSAGS) quilters have been busy donating time and materials to make these non-medical masks available. They donated them to the Legion and we are making them available for free. Masks are for local residents first here in the Shawnigan/Mill Bay area.  We will consider other requests providing we have masks available.


    • We are cutting off orders Friday, June 26th at 10 PM.  This is your last chance to get you mask from us as we are no longer providing masks after this date.
    • You can call Stitching By Stella at 250-701-5283. She charges $10 a mask.
    • Covid Action Cowichan Mask Request  is another source you could try if you are still after a mask.  They provide one free one.  Their email is Indicate the number of people in your household needing masks and whether they will need an adult, teen, child, or tot size.

 Thank You

Thank you to everybody who generously donated to help the Legion.  It went a long way to helping us out during this COVID-19 crisis.  We hope the masks helped to tame the curve in the Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill and Mill Bay areas.  If so, it’s been worthwhile. Thank you all.

Donations Not Necessary, But appreciated

If you do wish to make a donation, it will help toward meeting the Legion’s unavoidable monthly bills and startup costs. You can donate in two ways:

  1. E-transfer the donation to
  2. Use the button to donated by Credit Card. Receipt will be emailed for your records.
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