Our Galley Kitchen Menu

Kitchen Menu

Our Kitchen Menu

Our kitchen is open 2 PM to 6 PM.  All Our burgers include fried onions, lettuce and tomatoes.
Hamburger with fried onions, lettuce and tomatoes.
* Add cheese for $1
* Add bacon for $1
* Add gravy for $1
Fries - full order$3.00
Fries - 1/2 order$1.50
Onion Rings - Full order$4.50
Onion Rings - 1/2 order$2.50
Pound of Wings (Hot, BBQ, Salt & Pepper, Honey Garlic)$10.00
Real Chicken Strips and fries..
Dipping sauce: Honey mustard, Plumb or Honey Garlic.
Cheeseburger with side of fries

Check our blackboard for weekly specials

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