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Virginia Bauder, Malahat Legion treasurer, gives Bonner Bear a cheque for $1,000 toward a calm room.

George Bonner Calm Room Supported

Legion Supports George Bonner Calm Room

Picture shows the “Bonner Bear” and Malahat Legion’s Treasurer, Virginia Bauder, presenting  a cheque for $1,000 toward a new calm room in George Bonner school.  This money is from charity money raised from Legion Saturday Meat draws and 50:50 draw which the Legion is able to donate to worthwhile initiatives like this.

What is a Calm Room?

Google defines the definition as:

Calming Space

Purpose: The Calming Room is a supportive therapeutic environment which assists students in their self-calming efforts by offering them an environment of relaxation. It is a designated place designed to calm the senses where the student can experience calming visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli.

During the stress during Covid-19 and the cohort strategy, we anticipate this money will be put to good use.


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